Membership Benefits

As an exclusive club; members will have their own channel in Discord where they have easier access to Parrotly staff. The members will also have access to Parrotly Finance's yearly gathering for the club. Below is a list of some perks members are given:


Kaprikat Kreation: Handcrafted custom mini sculptures that can bring metaspace into the real world - FSC Member Perk: 10% Off Website:

Room101: High-end line of custom collections. Room101 Brand has been featured in top lifestyle, fashion, and specialty magazines worldwide as well as making several appearances on major network television - FSC Member Perk: 20% Off jewelry Website:

Perks and benefits with other crypto projects are not vetted or endorsed by Parrotly Finance Inc. unless stated otherwise. Members are strongly encouraged to do their own research. In the spirit of DeFi, we are not restricting other projects in providing benefits to our members. If a DeFi project wishes to be on the list and provide our members with benefits; please contact the Parrotly staff.

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