Buy/Sell Taxes

Fee Structure

The Structure

4% Buy tax/fee on DEX: Used for marketing and development. The pBirb received from taxes/fees will automatically be swapped at a high-frequency timeframe to ensure no buildup of tokens that can create large selling pressure. 2% Sell tax/fee on DEX: Automatically sent to "Dead" wallet as part of the Equilbirbium Liquidity mechanism. 0% Wallet to Wallet Transfer: There is no tax/fees on wallet to wallet transfers to allow adoption and for pBirb to become a transactional token 0% CEX Buy/Sell: There will be no taxes/fees when transacting thru CEX. Exchanges may have their own fees.

Adjusting Fees: The fees/taxes are hardcoded to never be increased, only lowered. Once lowered, there is no way to increase the fees.

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