Equilbirbium Liquidity

Parrotly Tokenomics

Token Contract Address: 0x60eec374a1ba3907e9bdd8a74ce368d041d89c79 Symbol: pBirb Network: Polygon


The token will be used as the deposit fees, service fees, and/or subscription fees for Parrotly Finance services and products. The goal of the token is to become a transactional vehicle that any individual or organization can utilize.

Deflationary Mechanism

The problem with many cryptos is they are over-leveraged. With pBirb, the initial liquidity pool is locked permanently providing a solid foundation. There is no supply locked or tokens reserved for the dev team. The deflation mechanism burns 2% of each sell transaction; minimizing the selling pressure to somewhat stabilize the early phases of the project as well as increasing the value of the liquidity pool and backing the market cap.

USD+ LP is a service provided by Overnight Finance. The USD+ LP farms the USD+ in the liquidity pool of a pairing which increases the value of the pool over time. Paired with the deflation mechanism, pBirb will become fully backed by its permanently locked liquidity pool in the future. Something that has not been done in the crypto space. We call it Equilbirbium Liquidity.

NO token supply locked NO tokens reserved for dev team Initial Liquidity Pool is permanently inaccessible Equilbirbium Liquidity solves the problem of over-leveraged crypto

Breakdown of initial token allocations:

47.5% Limited Cap Pre-Sale - (All proceeds of pre-sale went to the initial liquidity pool) 47.5% Initial Dex Offering 5% Exchange Liquidity Reserve Total Supply: 1T

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